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We are a group of fellows and international experts working on adaptation to climate change for least developed countries. Our aim is to strengthen the capacity of organizations in poor countries and support their initiatives in sustainable development through the network of fellows. We operate in 15 countries in the South, 12 in Africa and 3 in South Asia. 

As a group, we believe that adaptation to climate change goes hand in hand with sustainable development. Our team of southern experts comes from a wide variety of fields, including microbiology, wildlife conservation, natural resources, agriculture, hydrology and anthropology. Our multi-disciplinary approach helps us bridge the gaps between climate change and development.  Our network is also advocate for adaptation during international conferences such as the COP and with local governments. 

Initiated in 2004 by IIED and the RING partners, CLACC receives financial and technical support from a number of northern institutes. For a full list of partners, click here.